The ELITE Future Shapers

29th November, 2019

Renal Services is proud to be part of ELITE’s Future Shapers Report, showcasing some of the most ambitious, innovative and disruptive companies within the ELITE network.

The Future Shapers report will serve as a source of inspiration and information for those with the ambition and vision to be a part of the ELITE network, by providing insights, advice and experience into what it takes to win.

Each company was picked for its innovative approach, and is a growing force within their industry, shaping the future. In times of ongoing change, ELITE companies are continuing to disrupt, drive forward and develop – building connections and forging new relationships.

Renal Services was founded in 2007 entering a market with very high barriers. Currently Renal Services operates 21 dialysis units in the UK treating over 1,100 patients. The company provides the highest quality of care ensuring patients have access to the latest technology and innovation.
The Future Shapers is a campaign launched in the UK, recognising the nation’s consistently impressive diverse, growing businesses by including 25 of the best from the UK ELITE community. The other 25 Future Shapers come from around the world: Italy, where ELITE launched, to Morocco, Israel, the US, Kenya, Greece and more.
Luca Peyrano, CEO, ELITE:
“We are delighted to launch our ELITE Future Shapers Report. We have featured 50 organisations from our 1,300+ ELITE global community. We have shone a spotlight on stories of disruption, expansion and growth.
Through the success stories that fill the pages of our report we can be inspired by ELITE businesses and understand how best to address their challenges in building resilient businesses for the long term.”

ELITE is where growth happens. It is a centre of excellence for entrepreneurs and the most ambitious leaders, delivering for their customers and their communities, where companies are exposed to the right environment and structures to power their own and each other’s growth. We are proud to be an ELITE company.

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