Renal Services supports Innovation Prize at Henley Centre for Entrepreneurship

20th August, 2018

Renal Services is proud to support IDEAFEST, an annual competition that invites current Henley Business School and University of Reading students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and present a business idea with commercial potential.

Renal Services funded the prize for Best Innovative Idea, which was won by Norma, a new food company producing innovative vegan brownies. They have developed a brownie recipe which combines brownie mix with oil, water and salad greens such as spinach. It is an environmentally friendly concept and it contains 50% fewer calories than a typical brownie.

The young innovative company left a message to Renal Services:

“The Norma team would like to thank Stefano Ciampolini and Renal Services Ltd. This prize means more than funding for us, it is the power to help us continue our business and we will not stop till Norma succeeds in the market.” Sirada Chokwareeporn – CEO, Norma

Renal Services is pleased to collaborate with educational institutions and to support like-minded entrepreneurs and students to pursue their business ideas.