Renal Services featured in “100 Stories of Growth”

6th November, 2018

Renal Services UK was featured in “100 stories of Growth”, an initiative run by Intelligence Partnership, an organisation committed to promote the success stories of entrepreneurs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and showcase growth-focused SMEs throughout the UK.

Ultimately, 100 Stories of Growth aims to raise awareness through education and insights in the market to promote the best practice investments solutions and professional advice to other enterprises. By using case studies of diverse successful businesses, the organisation hopes to inspire and motivate other high-potential UK SMEs to excel.

Renal Services (UK) Ltd was one of the case studies and Stefano Ciampolini, CEO and founder, shared our success story with other enterprises and like-minded entrepreneurs.

Stefano started by telling how the journey began during the early days of Renal Services, the funding process, the organisation’s expansion to date and prospect growth opportunities.

During his interview, Stefano explained the difficulties in entering the market and what he did to make the company the first privately operated independent chain of dialysis clinics and to gain NHS Trusts’ confidence.

Everything started when he acquired two small holiday dialysis clinics in Skegness and the Portsmouth area back in 2007. A few months later, Renal Services was invited to bid for its first NHS tender marking the beginning of the business expansion by winning a contract to build and manage three additional clinics.

Later in 2014, the company raised £3.1M from the Business Growth Fund (BGF) which was utilised to expand the number of clinics. Today Renal Services operates 14 clinics across the UK, with several being developed and due to open in 2019.

Stefano Ciampolini is confident that Renal Services will be treating over 1,000 regular patients by 2019.

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