Renal Services for World Kidney Day 2018

12th March, 2018

Renal Services took the opportunity to organise two events in Barnstaple and Newark to help raise awareness of kidney health as part of World Kidney Day UK 2018.

We got out into the community to speak about the importance of the kidneys, and how reduce the risks of kidney disease. With high blood pressure being one of the main risk factors to develop kidney disease, Renal Services marked the day offering the public blood pressure checks.

In Barnstaple we provided 70 members of the public with their blood pressure numbers along with guidance, education and support materials. The public were made aware of the links between high blood pressure and the risks of developing kidney disease and therefore the importance of having their blood pressure checked.

“Overall we were very pleased with the response from the public and the interest from so many in having their blood pressure reading taken. It was great to engage with the public in this way and we enjoyed the many conversations we had over the course of the day.” Sister – Renal Services